GRIGG® GreenPIG™ Ultra

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GRIGG GreenPIG Ultra Overview

GRIGG GreenPIG Ultra is a premium pigment additive. It provides a darker green turf color for up to one month and should be used where turfgrass has lost its color, for example different stages of dormancy.

Key Advantages

  • Highly concentrated for low use rate
  • Pigment is less abrasive on spray pumps than paint
  • Applying pigment provides additional color and is an excellent alternative to overseeding


Application and Use
Maintenance Rate: Apply with 50-100 gallons of water [190-380 L of water].

Golf Course Putting Greens: 12-24 fl oz per acre [660 mL-1 .5L per hectare].

Golf Course Fairways: 18-32 fl oz per acre [1.25-2.25 L per hectare].

Sports Fields: 24-34 fl oz per acre [1.5-2.5 per hectare].

Optimum rate of application will vary depending on treatment interval, turfgrass species, mowing height, weather conditions and time of year. Generally, higher mowing heights and warm season turfgrasses will require higher rates to achieve the best results. Approved for use on dormant and semi-dormant turfgrass.

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