Proven Foliar® Nutrients

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Why Foliar Feed Turfgrass


  • Optimum nutrient use efficiency for overall reduced nutrient inputs.

  • Better results in unfavorable root-zone conditions.

  • Better results without optimum soil pH.

  • Recovery from stress.

  • Improved response when soil temperatures are cool.

  • Optimal control over growth.

  • Bypasses the problem of nutrient soil fixation.

  • May improve the performance of pesticides.

  • Minimizes the potential for nutrient leaching.

  • Nutrient use efficiency means economic efficiency.

Why Foliar Feed with GRIGG Proven Foliar Nutrients?

  • Highly compatible with other turf management products.

  • Highly efficient foliar absorption.

  • Easy to use.

  • Predictable results.

  • No burn risk when used as directed.

  • Quick response.

  • Improved uptake and translocation.

  • Environmental soundness.

  • Extensive research and testing by leading university professionals.

What Makes GRIGG Proven Foliar Nutrients Perform?


  • GRIGG Proven Foliar products contain natural plant and micro-organism based organic compounds, organic facilitators, that chelate and/or complex nutrients.

  • Nutrients are in the proper ionic form for optimal plant utilization.

  • Organic facilitators assist in the vascular transport of all nutrients and keep them mobile and available for assimilation.

  • Natural chelates have high stability constants that permit micronutrients including iron, copper and calcium to be mixed with macronutrients (N, P, K) plus magnesium and sulfur.

  • Proprietary formulation coats leaves and sticks to the surface
  • Optimal molecular size and structure allows more nutrients making nutrients available longer.
  • A specific nitrogenous base that enhances absorption through the waxy cuticle of a leaf surface.

  • Products may also be applied to the soil, mixed with irrigation water. The natural compounds contained in GRIGG products enhance soil bacteria and may improve soil conditions; however, they are most effective when foliar applied to plants.