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GRIGG GreenSpec granular nutrients provide fast and consistent nutrients to the plant in bio-available form. They contain natural compounds that enhance soil microbiology and chemistry, and provide an efficient nutrient delivery system with superior performance and environmental safety.

GRIGG GreenSpec homogeneous granular fertilizers were developed in response to customer requests for granular
fertilizers that would complement the use of GRIGG Proven Foliar® nutrients.

GRIGG customers can expect the applied granules to spread easily with minimal dust and to dissolve quickly to penetrate dense modern grasses.

Most fertilizer products stain. Keep GRIGG GreenSpec products off unwanted areas such as sidewalks, patios, driveways, fences, painted surfaces, masonry, stucco surfaces, and
siding. As a precaution, sweep or blow off these areas prior to irrigation or rainfall.

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Proprietary Protein Nitrogen Technology
GRIGG GreenSpec was designed for purity and is formulated with a proprietary protein nitrogen (N) technology to deliver the following results:

  • Superior performance with controlled and lasting color.
  • Efficient nutrient delivery.
  • Bridged organic formulations for more dependable response under a variety of agronomic conditions.


Key Components of GRIGG GreenSpec Proprietary Protein Nitrogen Technology

  • Organic proteins
    The nitrogen and phosphorous components in GRIGG GreenSpec products are obtained from specially processed proteins that are used in the food and flavoring industry. These proteins are manufactured differently from byproducts found in most other fertilizers. Less heat is used, along with specialized enzymes that give the material soluble qualities.
  • Solar Evaporated Sulfate of Potash
    After evaporation, the natural minerals are separated using only hot water. This results in potassium is in its purest, natural form with no chlorides, no heavy metals and a low salt index.
  • Kelp (Ascophyllum nodosum)
    The proprietary type of kelp used in GRIGG GreenSpec granular nutrients contains a high amount of calcium and valuable minerals, and is extremely low in salt and sodium.
  • Humic Acid
    Humic acid may enhance micronutrients.