GRIGG™ Markit-Blue™

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GRIGG™ Markit-Blue™

GRIGG™ Markit-Blue™ is a spray pattern indicator that may be used with a boom sprayer, row-crop riding equipment, backpack, or wand sprayers.


Markit-Blue Advantages

  • Provides the applicator with many benefits, including the assurance of even applications of material to prevent unsightly streaking or skips.
  • Contains a proprietary component that will improve uptake of nutrients being applied for better fertilizer efficacy and enhanced longevity.
  • Markit-Blue is non-phytotoxic.


Application and Use
GRIGG spray pattern indicators should be added to the spray tank when it is approximately half full. Use 16-32 fl oz of the spray pattern indicator for 100 gallons of spray solution. When using handheld or backpack sprayers (i.e., 3-5 gallons) use only one ounce of spray pattern indicator per gallon. The above rates are an approximation. Turf or weed color, height and individual water conditions such as hardness, pH, iron content, etc., may dictate variations from the above suggested rates. Slight adjustment is recommended. Test for required concentration before use and adjust as needed.

If accidentally spilled, GRIGG spray pattern indicators can be removed from skin or equipment with several washings of soap and water. Avoid letting spray pattern indicator concentrate come into contact with fabrics.

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