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GRIGG™ GreenPIG™ Overview

GRIGG™ GreenPIG™ is a premium pigment additive specifically formulated for golf courses and sports turf facilities to enhance and extend aesthetic turf appearances. GreenPIG is an excellent tool to enhance turf color during the growing season and to mask dormant turfgrass in the winter months. University research has shown that tank mixing GreenPIG with GRIGG™ Fairphyte® can improve turf performance and quality during times of summer stress.


GreenPIG Advantages

  • Highly concentrated for low use rates.
  • Long lasting means less frequent applications.
  • Cost competitive, fits most budgets.
  • Natural color improves visual quality and turf presentation.
  • Less abrasive on spray pumps than most turf paints.
  • Improved turf health by reducing oxidative stress during exposure to high heat.
  • Alternative to overseeding an excellent way to reduce costs and provide superior winter putting surface.


Application and Use
Do not apply near waterways. Do not apply to wet turf, as it may delay drying of GreenPIG. This product may stain, keep off unwanted areas. If accidentally spilled, GRIGG pigments can be removed from skin or equipment with several washings of soap and water. Avoid letting GRIGG pigments concentrate come into contact with fabrics.

Cool Season Turfgrass-Putting Greens:
10-14 oz/acre (1 L/Ha) maintenance rate.
14-16 oz/acre (1 L/Ha) dormant, semi dormant.

Cool Season Turfgrass-Fairways:
14-18 oz/acre (1.25 L/Ha) maintenance rate.
16-20 oz/acre (1.25 L/Ha) dormant, semi dormant.

Warm Season Turfgrass:
14-18 oz/acre (1.25 L/Ha) maintenance rate.
16-20 oz/acre (1.25 L/Ha) dormant, semi dormant.

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