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GRIGG™ GreenPIG™-UV Overview

GRIGG™ GreenPIG™-UV is another innovative colorant product that contains a proprietary compound designed to block ultraviolet light for enhanced turf color and quality. Turf managers now have another option to improve turf performance by reducing its exposure to potentially harmful ultraviolet (UV) and near-infrared (NIR) light, while maintaining optimum capture of photosynthetically active visible light. This may promote more efficient energy capture and a reduction in oxidative stress.


GreenPIG-UV Advantages

  • Blocks potentially harmful ultraviolet (UV) and near infrared light (NIR).
  • Improves turfgrass color and quality.
  • Ideal for use on all turfgrass species as part of a general maintenance program.
  • Safe on application equipment.
  • Fast dry time.
  • Tank-mix compatibility.


Application and Use
Do not apply near waterways. Do not apply to wet turf, it may delay drying of GreenPIG-UV. This product may stain, keep off unwanted areas. If accidentally spilled, GRIGG pigments can be removed from skin or equipment with several washings of soap and water. Avoid letting GRIGG
pigments concentrate come into contact with fabrics.

Cool Season Turfgrass- Putting Greens:
1.5-3 oz (44-88 ml)/1,000 ft2 with 50-100 gallons (189-378 L) of water.

Dormant Turf:
Do NOT use on dormant or semi-dormant turfgrass. For dormant turf, use GreenPIG Ultra.

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